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7October, 2021

Strata Schemes Management Act Supplementary Submission on Short Term Letting

7 October 2021 The NSW Short Term Rental Policy de-regulates housing and residential zoning to accommodate the growth of Airbnb. It makes no distinction between a free-standing home and a high-density apartment community. The commercialisation of strata assets brings with it unpredictable and significant risks and costs for all Owners [...]

20September, 2021

Covid-19 & NSW Apartment Building Facilities Guidance

20 September 2021 As NSW moves towards 70 – 80 % vaccination problems are arising in residential strata complexes about unvaccinated users’ access to shared strata facilities. To reduce the risk of a Delta outbreak, we are asking the NSW Government to a make clear and unequivocal statement that future [...]

16July, 2021

Minister for Better Regulation & Innovation – COVID-19 Strata Support Required

16 JULY 2021 OCN wrote to the NSW Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, requesting urgent support for strata schemes to avoid the spread of COVID-19.  The new Delta variant is highly transmissable, and schemes urgently need guidance to assist in the regulation of their common property. >Download PDF

12April, 2021

Further Extension of Strata and Community Lands COVID-19 Regulations

April 12 2021 OCN does not support the extension of this emergency arrangement for alternative electronic methods for meeting or voting. OCN is recommending that the Act should not be amended to remove the requirement that an owners corporation must make a conscious decision to use alternative electronic methods. The [...]

26September, 2020

A Better Deal for Strata – Consumer Protection – Building Defects update

SEPTEMBER 2020 Building defects remain a major problem for owners of new strata dwellings and also pose high levels of risk for those purchasing apartments off the plan. This OCN policy update summarises the main regulatory changes being either proposed or enacted in NSW to address the systemic causes of [...]

7May, 2020

Labor Update on Design & Building Practitioners Bill Progress

07 MAY 2020 Legislation drafted by the NSW Government to improve the accountability of building industry practitioners and the quality and compliance of construction, particularly multi-residential buildings, is currently stalled. The NSW Labor Opposition is lobbying the government to finally pass its Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019, which will [...]

29April, 2020

Minister for Planning & Public Spaces – COVID-19 & Construction Work Days

29 APRIL 2020 OCN wrote to NSW Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Rob Stokes, requesting an urgent amendment to the EPA (COVID-19 Development-Construction Work Days) Order 2020 to protect the physical and mental health of strata residents during the COVID-19 pandemic. The order allowed building work to be carried [...]

29April, 2020

Minister for Better Regulation & Innovation – Urgent Building Reforms Required

29 APRIL 2020 OCN wrote to the NSW Minister for Better Regulation, Kevin Anderson, requesting urgent action to pass two key pieces of legislation drafted by the government – the Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019 and the Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Bill 2020. The situation has [...]

21April, 2020

OCN Fact Sheet – Short Term Letting – Updated April 2020

21 APRIL 2020 This OCN fact sheet outlines proposed changes to the NSW regulatory framework announced in June 2018 and the further changes released in August 2019. The new strata by-law power commenced on 10 April 2020. It is for information only. It does not constitute legal advice. > OCN [...]


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