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28February, 2019

Better Deal for Strata – Background

28 FEBRUARY 2019 The NSW strata sector is now housing more than a million people, however, it does not receive the level of government focus and support it needs and deserves. OCN advocates for the rights and interests of strata owners, residents and owners’ associations, and has identified a number [...]

28February, 2019

Better Deal for Strata – Short Term Letting Policy

28 FEBRUARY 2019 Airbnb-style letting in strata communities needs to be regulated to ensure short-term rentals do not make life a misery for other permanent residents and long-term tenants. OCN is calling on the NXSW State government to modify its proposed Short-Term Letting Arrangements to improve accountability and protections. > [...]

28February, 2019

Better Deal for Strata – Case for Short Term Letting Register

28 FEBRUARY 2019 OCN is opposed to the proposal to allow virtually any residential dwelling to be used for short-term letting purposes unless strict and fair regulations are also put in place to ensure strata communities are not plagued by the presence of “party houses”. The OCN policy on short-term [...]

31January, 2012

Terrorism Cover for Residential Strata Buildings

31 JANUARY 2012 OCN identified a need for larger strata apartment buildings to have access to the Australian Reinsurance Pool for terrorism-related events. The potential risks to the sector were identified, and the federal government lobbied to ensure strata owners and strata communities were not left without cover in the [...]


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