Owners Corporations need to understand the diverse requirements around EV Charging.

Electric Vehicles Information Portal

As more information becomes available about electric vehicles and EV Charging, the need for simplification and understanding becomes more critical. The Owners Corporation (OC) has the sole responsibility for decisions about their building, and are therefore the actual customer for EV decision making.

OCN is at the forefront of the EVC revolution working directly with the NSW Government Office of Energy and Climate Change.

We are committed to providing OCN members with information and educational events delivered by recognised experts in their field. OCN has created an information portal for our members to access information and resources on EV charging.

OCN Electric Vehicle Charging By-law Proforma

Special By-Law prepared by an experienced strata lawyer. EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging for individual lot applications (per single Strata Plan).

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$200 +GST

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$400 +GST

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OCN Detailed Submission

23 FEBRUARY 2022

OCN welcomes the NSW Government’s intention to deliver an energy system that puts the customer at the centre of policy and program design, while delivering an affordable and reliable energy future that helps achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Read Submission: OCN Submission – Promoting Innovation for the NSW Energy Sector (pdf)

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