OCN actively advocates on your behalf for improved government policy decisions

OCN is proactive in ensuring the concerns and needs of strata owners and strata communities are addressed in policy, regulation and practice.

We don’t just talk about issues like building defects, consumer protection and good governance – we engage as full stakeholders in processes including inquiries, consultations and regulatory reviews.

This has included making submissions, lobbying for essential regulatory measures, giving evidence at public hearings, speaking as experts in the media and issuing media releases.

OCN Advocacy and Policy Work

Read about recent state, federal and local government decisions, regulations and issues that are primary concerns for strata owners and strata communities and OCN’s policies in relation to these issues.

Our submissions to inquiries, community consultation processes and other stakeholder conversations help make a positive difference.

We don’t wait for the phone to ring – we proactively reach out to media on matters that affect strata owners.

Your voice in action – articles, media releases, social media and other public communications concerning the strata sector.


Current OCN Campaign:

Your Democratic Right to Decide

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) has secured an amendment to the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Sustainability Infrastructure) Bill 2020, which overrides all current by-laws relating to the keeping of pets in apartment buildings.

OCN considers it outrageous the AJP would hold the environment hostage just to pass an unrelated last-minute amendment.

OCN is calling on both the opposition and cross bench to reconsider their support for the AJP rogue amendment and ensure that strata schemes remain democratic, where owners retain their right to vote on and determine by-laws for how their communities will live.


OCN actively advocates on your behalf for improved government policy decisions on issues such as: Off-the-plan Contracts  |  Building Defects  |  Service Provider Accreditation  |  Short Term Letting  |  Strata Laws

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“The whole strata community owes a huge debt of gratitude to you and the OCN executive. Much appreciated.”

Robert, Darlinghurst

“I am very pleased with my membership of OCN, the discussions through sharing emails is very valuable in increasing my knowledge of strata living, the laws and EC responsibilities. I think I am better armed to tread the minefield of the managing agent responsibilities and the necessary action of the EC to monitor the contradictory interests of the agent.”

Jim, Wollstonecraft