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8July, 2024

Strata Law reform on the cards as NSW fair trading swamped with complaints

The government’s draft laws are in consultation with the Owners Corporation Network and Strata Community Association and will be considered by parliament later this year.Owners Corporation Network Executive Director Karen Stiles said many owners were in “a world of pain” thanks to limited regulation over the sector.“We certainly welcome more stringent regulation of strata managing agents and service providers, including building managers,” she said.Read submission:> OCN Submission - Strata Managing [...]

2July, 2024

Design & Building Practitioner & Residential Apartments Act Review 2024

The NSW Public Accountability Committee is currently reviewing the efficacy of the DBP and RAB Acts. OCN took the opportunity to make a distinction between its application for new and existing buildings, and point out the time and cost blowouts for remedial works caused by early confusion and conservatism of the industry. OCN called for clear guidance, to remove unnecessary overspecification of remedial works. Read submission:> OCN Submission - DBP [...]

19June, 2024

Fire authorities’ risk to Electric Vehicle charging in Apartment buildings

The decision by the Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council Limited (AFAC), and by various fire services across the country, to designate electric vehicles as ‘special hazards’, imposes elaborate and expensive fire protection requirements on residential strata buildings.  This position appears to have been made without adequate consultation or an analysis of the risk and benefits across the community. OCN joins the Electric Vehicle Council to call on: • [...]

19June, 2024

Impact of Climate Risk on Insurance Premiums and Availability

OCN made a detailed submission to the Senate Inquiry into the impact of climate risk on insurance availability and affordability, focusing on the undetected concentration of the strata insurance sector. We propose that the climate change narrative has masked an escalation in intermediary fees, commissions and profits. The compulsory aspect of strata insurance means it could be considered a form of state insurance, like motor liability or workers compensation, but [...]

13June, 2024

General Insurance Code of Conduct

OCN joined a coalition of consumer groups calling for improvements to the Code of Conduct. Specific reference to strata insurance is on pages 61-63. Read submission:> Joint OCN & Others Submission - Review of the General Insurance Code of Practice June 2024 Related content:> https://ocn.org.au/ocn-welcomes-abolition-of-emergency-services-levy-on-insurance-policies/

10May, 2024

Fire Safety Reforms

OCN made a further submission on proposed fire safety reforms, which include the introduction of licensing for fire safety practitioners.  With an accreditation program only established in 2021 for fire safety practitioners, and limited training facilities, OCN is wary of adding another layer of complexity and cost to owners without a compelling cost benefit analysis. Read submission:> OCN Submission - Fire Safety Reforms May 2024 Related content:> OCN Submission - [...]

22March, 2024

Inquiry into the Transition to Electric Vehicles

22 MARCH 2024 OCN responded to the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water inquiry into: the establishment of resources, systems and infrastructure required to support transition to EVs the impact of moving from internal combustion engine vehicles, including fuel excise loss, existing auto industry component manufacturers and the environment the opportunities for fuel savings, such as by combining EVs with other consumer energy [...]

3March, 2024

Inquiry Into Residential Electrification – OCN Supplementary Submission

13 MARCH 2024 OCN made a supplementary submission to the Senate Economics References Committee, to clarify testimony regarding incentivising both individual owners and owners corporations. Read Submission:> OCN Supplementary Submission - Senate Economics References Committee Questions VI Original Submission 28/9/23:> OCN Submission - Australian Senate Economics Reference Committee Inquiry into Residential Electrification 230928 Opening Remarks for Testimony 21/2/24:>OCN Appearance - Senate Economics References Committee Inquiry into Residential Electrification Opening Comments [...]

29February, 2024

NSW Review of Short & Long Term Accommodation

06 MARCH 2024 OCN made a submission making the following recommendations: Allow access to the Register by an Owners Corporation. Expand the scope of the Code of Conduct to address a greater remit of identified concerns to neighbours, other lot Owners, and Owners Corporations. Authorise council inspectors to inspect residential premises suspected of being used for short-term letting. Allow councils to ban short-term letting through development application. Ensure that any [...]

15February, 2024

NSW Consumer Energy Strategy 2024

OCN made a submission calling for a clear focus on strata titled dwellings as well as stand-alone housing. Read submission:> OCN submission - NSW Consumer Energy Strategy 2024 February 2024

5February, 2024

Review of the Australian Energy Regulator exemptions framework for embedded networks

5 FEBRUARY 2024 OCN made a submission to the federal regulator of embedded networks, calling for strict controls on developer-initiated embedded networks that only profit the developer, and cause harm to owners and residents. Read submission:> OCN Submission - AER Review of Exemptions Framework for Embedded Networks 240205

23January, 2024

NSW Fire Safety Reforms

23 JANUARY 2024 OCN made a submission on the proposed reforms to fire safety regulations in NSW. Read submission:> OCN Submission - Fire Safety Reforms January 2024 Related content:> https://ocn.org.au/product/fire-safety-by-law-proforma/


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