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23January, 2023

NSW Home Building Compensation Fund Reforms

23 JANUARY 2023 Having made submissions in August 2022, OCN was invited to provide feedback on the draft Regulation.  Our pro bono lawyers laid out serious concerns with the proposals. Read submission:> OCN Submission - Home Building Amendment Act (Insurance Cover) Regulation 2023 230123

19December, 2022

Off The Plan Contracts for Residential Properties

19 DECEMBER 2022 In 2015 and 2019 the NSW government introduced additional protections for purchasers entering into off the plan property contracts. However, concerning cases of developers seeking to exploit the power imbalance between parties to the contract continue to emerge.  OCN makes submissions in relation to these and other emerging issues. Read:>  OCN Submission

12December, 2022

Reforming Building Laws in NSW

12 DECEMBER 2022 In the largest reform of building laws in decades, the NSW Government is working to create a new foundation for construction by looking at how they can improve laws, better protect consumers and support workers. Read OCN submission:>  OCN Submission - Reforming building laws in NSW 221212

16August, 2022

Home Building Compensation Reform

16 August 2022 The Home Building Compensation Fund is a 'last resort safety net' for owners suffering defects or incomplete works due to the builder's insolvency, death, disappearance or license suspension. In December 2020, the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) published their findings and recommendations regarding the home building compensation scheme’s efficiency and effectiveness. The government is now consulting about the design of regulatory reforms flowing from that review. [...]

7June, 2022

Inquiry into Embedded Networks in NSW

7 JUNE 2022 OCN made a brief submission opposing contracts entered into by developers which simply shift the cost of core infrastructure to apartment purchasers, lock them into long term contracts, and deprive them of choice. Read submission: > OCN Submission - Embedded Networks June 2022

16March, 2022

Home Building Act Review 2021

16 MARCH 2022 OCN strongly supports the root and branch review of the Home Building Act 1989 and associated legislation, to ensure maximum consumer protections. Read submission: > OCN Submission - Home Building Act Review 2021 220316

23February, 2022

Promoting Innovation for the NSW Energy Sector

23 FEBRUARY 2022 OCN welcomes the NSW Government’s intention to deliver an energy system that puts the customer at the centre of policy and program design, while delivering an affordable and reliable energy future that helps achieve net zero emissions by 2050. Read submission: > OCN Submission - Promoting Innovation for the NSW Energy Sector February 2022

18November, 2021

NSW Strata Hub

18 November 2021 OCN strongly supports, in fact requested, the establishment of a strata register to capture core scheme information and enable the NSW government to communicate with, gain insight into, and support this fast growing housing sector. Read submission: > OCN Submission - Strata Hub November 2021

22October, 2021

NSW Home Building Act

In NSW, the emphasis on increasingly tall and more complex apartment buildings to house a growing population demands that only the most suitably qualified professionals are permitted to undertake this work. However failures in the regulatory system and in the construction industry have led to systemic defects in high rise apartment buildings.  The protection of consumers through the delivery of high quality, sustainable homes is of paramount public importance. Read [...]

15October, 2021

National Construction Code 2022

15 October 2021 OCN made a submission on the proposed amendments by the Australian Building Codes Board to energy efficiency and condensation technical provisions, seeking earlier construction and operation of Net Zero Emission buildings, that are ready for the unavoidable impacts of climate change and that are built to ensure the health and wellbeing of their occupants. > OCN Submission - National Construction Code Review 2021 211015 > OCN Submission [...]

11October, 2021

NSW Digital Survey Plans Reform

8 October 2021 Having sat on the consultative committee established to provide advice and guidance on the transition to digital survey plans, OCN made a short submission outlining the benefits of the reforms for strata title purchasers. > Download submission



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