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18September, 2021

Strata Schemes Management Act Survey Results

18 AUGUST 2021 In 2015, the NSW Government introduced two new Acts to overhaul the legal frameworks covering development and management of Strata Schemes. In November 2020, the NSW Government asked Strata Owners, Residents and others for feedback on how well they/those who support them feel that these laws are operating and how they could be improved. We knew many of our number had strong views but insufficient time to [...]

29July, 2021

Licensing of Conveyancers

21 JULY 2021 OCN made a short submission calling for the same standard of conduct to apply to Conveyancers as applies to Lawyers.  The current regulatory framework lacks the rigour to ensure appropriate protections for consumers. > Download PDF

15June, 2021

Draft Environmental Strategy 2021-2025

15 June 2021 The Owners Corporation Network (OCN) applauds the City of Sydney for their strong and ongoing advocacy and support for a Green Global and Connected Sydney. The environmental results and outcomes as summarised in the City's draft Environmental Strategy 2021-25 are impressive and we are proud to be a partner with the City in the achievement of sustainable residential apartment communities. > Download PDF

11February, 2021

Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 – 5 Year Review Letter to Minister

11 FEBRUARY 2021 Since publication of the Strata Review Discussion Paper and survey OCN many members have expressed frustration and disappointment at the manner in which it has been presented. OCN has written to the Minister for Better Regulation & Innovation, The Hon. Kevin Anderson, outlining several major concerns about gaps and assumptions in the process, the ‘survey’ and the questions themselves. >Download PDF

19January, 2021

Developer Handover Documents – Building Manual Content Requirement

19 JANUARY 2021 OCN made a submission to the Australian Building Codes Board on the documentation that should be required by law to be given to owners corporations by the developer.  When this is legislated and enforced – and the current practice of ignoring requirements for handover documentation is ended – it will greatly assist owners in new buildings. >Download PDF

15January, 2021

NSW Draft Design & Building Practitioners Regulation 2020 

15 JANUARY 2021 The D&PB legislation is incredibly important to owners – it creates a retrospective duty of care to owners by designers and building practitioners.  OCN made a detailed submission on the draft Regulations to improve consumer protections.   > Download PDF

30November, 2020

Sustainability Infrastructure Submission

30 NOVEMBER 2020 OCN is calling upon the government to refer the propositions identified in the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Sustainability Infrastructure) Bill 2020 to the review of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW) currently underway. >Download PDF

30January, 2020

Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019

30 JANUARY 2020 The Owners Corporation Network of Australia Limited (OCN) is the only consumer organisation whose sole mission is to advocate on behalf of residential strata owners. This is the submission of the OCN to the Inquiry into the Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019. The protection of consumers through the delivery of high quality, sustainable homes is of paramount public importance. > Download PDF



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