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12April, 2023

Demand for more EV charging stations across Sydney suburbs

12 APRIL 2023 Sydney’s North Shore and eastern suburbs apartment dwellers are stuck in a catch-22 where they can afford an electric vehicle but have nowhere at home to charge it. They say more education is needed for strata committees and while the Labor federal government is moving in the right direction, there is still much more that can be done to stop Australia being a “massive graveyard” for high-emission [...]

6April, 2023

Now is the Perfect Time to Fix Broken Strata System

6 MARCH 2023 The "opportunities" the new Minister has range from an out of control residential market to a stuttering strata complaints system, via an unprecedented housing crisis. One significant step forward the new government could take would be to support the Owners Corporation Network, which represents strata owners, with substantial guaranteed finance for the next four years, as it does with the Tenants' Union. Apartment owners are not the [...]

6March, 2023

Bold move to future-proof your nest egg and buy you freedom

6 MARCH 2023 As more Australians chase a new home ownership dream, these tips show why a smaller abode could better protect your interests. Experts suggest anyone planning to buy off the plan should do all the relevant research. Check the developer and builder, visit past projects and even knock on doors to ask residents about their experience. “It’s better to pay a premium for an apartment from a reputable [...]

13February, 2023

‘This is evolving quickly’: City of Sydney accelerates switch to electric vehicles

13 FEBRUARY 2023 The City of Sydney will require all new apartment buildings to accommodate electric vehicle chargers in car spaces and look to retrofit existing residential blocks with charging stations under a plan to spur the uptake of the technology as the council pushes to reach net zero emissions by 2035. Owners Corporation Network chairman Fred Tuckwell said apartment owners racing to future-proof their blocks by installing EV chargers [...]

13February, 2023

David Chandler to Investigate Solutions for Mascot Towers

13 FEBRUARY 2023 Owners Corporation Network Executive Officer Karen Stiles welcomed the announcement of the new panel, but said Mascot Tower owners had been let down by all levels of government for many years. “As the peak body representing apartment owners, the Owners Corporation Network welcomes Minister Dominello’s announcement that an expert panel led by David Chandler OAM will assess the best way forward with Mascot Towers,” Stiles said. “It’s [...]

14January, 2023

What Aussies will pay to have EV charging points in multi-unit developments

14 JANUARY 2023 Surging demand for electric cars is prompting significant — and expensive — infrastructure change in apartment blocks across the country. Fred Tuckwell chairs the Owners Corporation Network, an organisation that helps people navigate challenges in multi-residence environments. “It really is up to the owners corporation,” he said. Read full article:> HERE

23December, 2022

Apartment buyers warned over defect cover

23 DECEMBER 2022 People in the market for a new apartment are being urged to steer clear of developers lacking a star rating or defect insurance, four years after the mass evacuation of a cracked apartment tower in Sydney. Read article, which appeared in several publications:> HERE  

26November, 2022

‘Lipstick on a pig’: Building boss slams unit block fix

26 NOVEMBER 2022 A five-year battle to get structural problems in a Sydney unit block repaired has resulted in cosmetic fixes described by the NSW building boss as ‘lipstick on a pig’. The project will now become part of the Project Intervene scheme where Mr Chandler and his team can bypass the courts to engage directly with the developer to fix flaws.  It's a move welcomed by Owners Corporation Network [...]

15November, 2022

Commissioner’s plan to purge lawyers from costly fights over dodgy buildings

15 NOVEMBER 2022 Owners corporations can now dob in defective buildings up to six years old and receive help from the government to resolve the dispute outside the courts under an initiative set up by the state’s inaugural Building Commissioner. Karen Stiles, the head of Owners Corporation Network – an advocacy group for strata owners – welcomed the initiative and said owners were “crying out for help” to avoid lengthy [...]

13November, 2022

Why this apartment with cladding is safe but not sellable

13 November 2022 The curse of the crisis that rendered apartments unsellable has moved into a new phase as the regulator grapples with the technical and reputational risks of giving buildings a green tick to go back into the pool of tradeable properties. Strata advocates say regulators need to be quicker to act. “If they can taint the title they have a duty to remove the stain if there is [...]

8November, 2022

Key Priorities for a Better Strata Future

8 NOVEMBER 2022 The Owners Corporation Network (OCN) announced this week that they plan to be actively involved in the NSW state election, potentially tapping into the voting power of NSW’s one million-plus strata residents. With that in mind, they have now issued their 10-point manifesto and are calling for strata owners’ support in promoting policies that can become part of the debate heading for the state elections next year. [...]

25October, 2022

Chandler talks about older blocks – Flat Chat Wrap Podcast

25 OCTOBER 2022 Jimmy Thomson: 'Co-podder Sue Williams and I took ourselves off to the Owners Corporation Network’s 20th anniversary event last week and it turned out to be a very revealing evening indeed. OK, the plaudits and praise were flowing faster than the free wine – and that’s saying something. I hosted and Sue delivered a fascinating speech about how the OCN was formed in the darkest days of [...]

5October, 2022

Developer pledges to fix defects under new NSW rules

5 OCTOBER 2022 Developer Australia YMCI is counting on a vote by owners of defective apartments it has rectified in western Sydney to draw a line under legal action and allow it to get on with marketing the next stage of its $5 billion Ovation Quarter development. Strata owners advocacy group Owners Corporation Network said the streamlining of rectification processes would remove a lot stress. “Enforceable undertakings by the developer [...]

1September, 2022

David Chandler Stays as Building Commissioner in a Win for Strata

1 SEPTEMBER 2022 He has another full year (at least) to clean up property development in NSW and will then turn to recently completed blocks with serious problems. This is wider than NSW however.  "I wish we had a David Chandler in Victoria" was a recent plaintive post to the Flat Chat forum. Apartment owners in Victoria don't even have an equivalent of NSW's Owners Corporation Network to fight in [...]

29August, 2022

David Chandler is Staying On And Is Just as Determined as Ever

29 AUGUST 2022 The highly respected building commissioner in NSW is set to stay in his role for one more year after reversing his decision to quit later this year. He will now remain in his role until August 2023. Chandler’s reappointment has been welcomed by industry representatives and consumer advocates alike. On the consumer side, Karen Stiles, Executive Officer of the Owners Corporation Network of Australia, says Chandler’s decision is [...]

24August, 2022

24 AUGUST 2022 The NSW government has reinstated Property Services Commissioner John Minns less than four weeks after terminating him from the same role. Karen Stiles, executive director of the Owners Corporation Network, an advocacy group for strata owners, welcomed Mr Minns’ reinstatement. “The property sector is increasingly complex, as are the needs of people buying, selling or renting their home in the rapidly expanding apartment sector,” Ms Stiles said. “Leadership [...]

19August, 2022

Stumped for Good Strata Advice? Where You Can Find It

19 AUGUST 2022 A recent story about an elderly couple hit with a cruel, special levy, with costs trebled by fighting an unwinnable case in court, has highlighted the importance of good, reliable advice for apartment owners. It’s one of the many ironies of apartment living that the people at the bottom of the totem pole – the tenants – generally get the best advice. Just search online for tenants.org and [...]

3August, 2022

Why adding value to your apartment building is worth the investment

3 AUGUST 2022 When you invest in an apartment, it is possible to increase its value significantly by improving the building it sits in as a whole.  This can range from hanging a beautiful artwork in the foyer or lobby to much more substantial projects such as improving the facade, upgrading common areas, installing a lift into a modest walk-up or adding balconies to all units. Paul Morton of Lannock Strata [...]

31July, 2022

NSW terminates real estate regulator after 8 months

31 JULY 2022 Mr Minns, appointed by former minister Kevin Anderson in November, left the role on Friday, making him the second figure in a key position of industry reform to depart within days, after the largely unexplained resignation of building commissioner David Chandler. “It was a sad week for consumer protection in NSW,” said Karen Stiles, executive director of strata owner advocacy group OCN. “Monday brought the shock resignation of [...]

31July, 2022

‘The power players are right in your face’: How David Chandler took on Sydney’s shoddy developers

13 JULY 2022 The state’s first Building Commissioner, David Chandler, had been looking forward to going fishing when his stint in the high-profile role was due to end this year. But once he heard some developers had already ordered the champagne for a party to celebrate his exit, he decided to stay put a bit longer, Chandler reportedly quipped to a room of property insiders a few months ago. Owners [...]



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