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13April, 2021

Quasi Hotels Here to Stay

OCN MEDIA RELEASE:  13 April 2021 “The NSW Government “announced” its final Short Term Letting policy late Friday, with no warning to housing organisations”, Jane Hearn, OCN spokesperson said today. “In a bizarre twist, the Minister has legalised Airbnb in the Affordable Rental Housing SEPP, disguising the mass transfer of critical housing to the tourist market”. “It takes some chutzpah to give into Airbnb and Expedia in the middle of [...]

15September, 2020

Going to the Dogs: D-Day for Strata By-Law

OCN MEDIA RELEASE: 15 September 2020 The Owners Corporation Network (OCN) is calling on the NSW opposition and cross bench to withdraw their support for a controversial law threatening to destabilise the strata system – robbing people who live in apartments of the ability to set their own bylaws. Legislation amended by the Animal Justice Party (AJP) and set for possible debate this fortnight, will allow people to bring [...]

13September, 2020

Barking Mad Changes to Strata By-Laws Could Spark Lord of the Flies in Apartment Buildings

OCN MEDIA RELEASE: 13 September 2020 The comfort and safety of more than one million NSW residents in apartment buildings is at risk, with a shock amendment to legislation threatening to shake the strata system to its core. Last month a minor political party snuck an amendment through the NSW Upper House which effectively allows apartment dwellers to keep pets even if it’s against the building’s bylaws: 137B Keeping [...]

3June, 2020

OCN Provides Qualified Support for NSW Building Reform Bills

OCN MEDIA RELEASE: 3 June 2020 Owners Corporation Network provides qualified support for NSW government’s building reform Bills Jane Hearn, Chair of the Owners Corporation Network (OCN), the only consumer based organisation representing apartment owners in NSW, today welcomed the re-introduction of the Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019 (DBP Bill) and the introduction of the Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement) Bill 2020 (RAB Bill) into NSW Parliament [...]

3April, 2020

OCN Welcomes Publication of Final Report of NSW Accountability Committee Inquiry into Building Quality

OCN MEDIA RELEASE: 30 April 2020 Owners Corporation Network Welcomes Publication of the Final Report of the Upper House Inquiry into the Regulation of Building Standards, Building Quality and Building Disputes Jane Hearn, Chair of the Owners Corporation Network, the peak body representing apartment owners in NSW, today welcomed the release of the Report of the Shoebridge Inquiry. “OCN has been campaigning for years for better consumer protection and [...]

3April, 2020

Government Reneged on Airbnb Code of Conduct

OCN MEDIA RELEASE: 3 April 2020 In a stunning move today, the NSW Government has withdrawn the Code of Conduct for the Short-Term Rental Accommodation Industry, so that illegal “Airbnb Apartments” can operate unfettered across Sydney and NSW during the COVID-19 pandemic, Jane Hearn, Director, Owners Corporation Network said. “In a time of a national health crisis, the Government is more concerned to protect thousands of illegal listings for [...]

20March, 2020

Airbnb “Quarantine Stays” puts Apartment Residents at Risk

OCN MEDIA RELEASE: 20 March 2020 The Owners Corporation Network is the independent peak consumer body representing apartment owners in NSW. There are over one million people living in apartments in NSW. “Airbnb Hosts” are offering “self-isolation” packages to return travellers who are booking 14 day stays in residential buildings, instead of going home to their families” OCN Director, Jane Hearn, said. “The Prime Minister introduced 14-day mandatory quarantine [...]

13November, 2019

Design & Building Practitioner Bill 2019

OCN MEDIA RELEASE: 13 November 2019 Today the NSW Government proposed amendments to the Design & Building Practitioners Bill 2019 currently being considered by the NSW Parliament. These amendments begin the vital process of providing much improved consumer protection for people buying new apartments. They also improve the overall operation of the Bill in better regulating the NSW building industry. For these reasons the revised Bill has the support [...]

19August, 2019

‘Hands Off’ regulation leaves thousands of apartment owners ‘out in the cold’

OCN MEDIA RELEASE: 19 August 2019 ‘Hands Off’ regulation leaves thousands of apartment owners 'out in the cold' "The residential building industry has abandoned apartment buyers and the risk of costly defects has been shifted onto innocent apartment home buyers left devastated by sub- standard work” Jane Hearn, Director of the Owners Corporation Network said today. The Owners Corporation Network (OCN) is the only association of apartment owners whose [...]

26July, 2019

Give Us Our Homes Back!

OCN MEDIA RELEASE: 26 July 2019 Building Defects – ‘Give us our homes back’ say apartment owners It will be years before government reforms restore confidence in the building industry, say apartment owners, and only a substantive support package can restore consumer confidence promptly. This week the Owners Corporation Network (OCN), an association representing thousands of apartment owners, responded to the NSW Government’s plans to fix the building defect [...]

6March, 2019

OCN Welcomes Strata Commissioner, Calls For Minister for Housing and Building Quality

OCN MEDIA RELEASE: 6 March 2019“Our members welcome Labor’s commitment to create a Strata Commissioner”, Phil Gall, Chairman of the Owners Corporation Network of Australia, said today.“The time is right to create a ministry for housing that brings housing, strata and property services together in one portfolio”.“Strata housing and the communities it creates are the product of Government policy. If Government wants our massively growing population to live in high [...]

14February, 2019

Byron Leading the Way

OCN MEDIA RELEASE: 14 February 2019“The “breakthrough” for Byron is a welcome concession from Minister Roberts. The 90-day cap proves that the Coalition’s blanket policy of permitting short-term letting in all residential homes in all locations is fundamentally flawed,” Stephen Goddard, Spokesman for the Owners Corporation Network of Australia said today.“For Byron, it’s a bit like having your death sentence commuted to 40 years”, he said. “The Minister has offered [...]


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