Owners Corporation Network (OCN) has been working with the NSW Government to establish a comprehensive website that addresses all the aspects involved in resolving this question.  This new website is available and will be launched this week on 12 May 22 via the “Drive Electric – EV ready Buildings” webinar.

The website steps owners corporations and EV owners through who is responsible for the for what, a simple five step process to help guide the decision making process and offers five options that owners corporations might consider in determining which is the right way to introduce EV charging is their building, according to these size and structural considerations.

Each of the steps and options is supported with cost estimates, resources like helpful forms, fact sheets and case studies.

Much has been written about the issues with installing EV charges in apartment buildings and many opinions expressed and with these opinions comes a set of myths. To set the record straight we have busted those myths and, in doing so, made it easier to get on with getting more EVs on the road and play our part to reduce emissions and therefore global warming.

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