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07 Jul 2014 Today Tonight exposes the consequences of bad building practices. The government leaves home owners to foot the bill. Illustration: Matt Golding  
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05 Jul 2014 Slum landlords running highly lucrative and illegal 'boarding houses' across Sydney are breaching fire regulations and risking lives. Councils say they have insufficient power to act. The Premier says they do. Will this week's fire in Alexandria focus both levels of government on finding a solution?
04 Jul 2014 Deverlopers will tell you they have a lot fewer legal actions for defects claims in Victoria than in NSW. Part of the reason is that it's just so much harder for owners corporations to take legal action in Victoria.
02 Jul 2014 The NSW government has put on hold strata law changes, yet another blow to strata owners who saw the Home Building Act slip through parliament last month which could wipe out legitimate building defects claims.
01 Jul 2014 At last!  Two entrepreneurial strata owners not only saw the need to support the large number of owners that self-manage their building.  They created a simple web-based platform that is easy to use, promotes communication between owners and empowers them to manage their properties in a paperless environment.   Enter OurBodyCorp.
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