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15 Apr 2014 The NBN plans to connect homes and businesses with fibre-to-the-basement technology, challenging what is shaping up to be its biggest rival, TPG. The move could involve over 50,000 apartments. The battle for apartment buildings is vital because most can only allow one company to provide FBBT services.
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30 Mar 2014 Traditionally, strata managers have placed the bulk of policies but in recent years that has steadily shifted toward brokers, who are expected to be writing the majority of strata policies within a few years. Read the full article
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27 Mar 2014 In response to real estate industry and owner concerns about their ability to obtain a compliance certificate and Council concerns about their ability to inspect all NSW pools and spas by 29 April 2014, the government has deferred commencement by 12 months to 29 April 2015.   Read the advice
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23 Mar 2014 Buildings across NSW are routinely declared safe despite being potential fire traps, two peak fire bodies have warned. Read the full article
21 Mar 2014 Some of the nation's top consumer advocates are urging the Federal Government not to reintroduce conflicted remuneration. Read the article
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