28 JUNE 2020

The Office of the Building Commissioner (OBC) has just finished the initial appointments to commence the Occupation Certificate Audits from 1 September 2020.

The talent pool of applicants was very impressive. Experienced Designers, Contractors and Certifiers with 15-years experience will soon be in the field to work with the Building Commissioner.

A powerful new tool is being built inside BRD to provide a single view of all projects that are visited by our regulatory inspectors. Here, the view combines the view of our safework and building inspectors. There is a clear correlation between unsafe, poorly managed sites and the quality and compliance of the end build.

The game is changing in NSW for those who still think they can build shoddy buildings. It is really time for developers, builders and certifiers to come to terms with a very changed construction landscape. We have commenced a program of case studies that will help the industry to see what we are finding and how they will need to adjust going forward.

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David Chandler