17 JUNE 2020

The NSW Building Commissioner has revealed an apartment tower in western Sydney, which he says is probably the worst he’s inspected, compelled him to convince the state government to give him the powers to clean up the industry.

David Chandler has warned developers he will use his new powers to stop them forcing people who buy off-the-plan to settle on apartments in buildings with significant defects. With structural flaws in Sydney’s Opal and Mascot Towers still fresh in buyers’ minds, Mr Chandler has set his sights on a 16-storey building in Auburn, which inspectors found to be riddled with fire hazards and building defects months after owners and tenants moved in.

The commissioner described the apartment tower at 93 Auburn Road as “an abomination … because it wasn’t finished”, and cited it as the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in convincing the government to enact tougher powers to protect owners.

> Full article on The Sydney Morning Herald
Matt O’Sullivan