30 MARCH 2021

If there was any doubt which side of the great strata divide Fair Trading is on – between those who make money from Real Estate and those who live in it – it was clarified last week in an announcement from Better Regulation, trumpeting the creation of a Real Estate Expert panel.

“The NSW Government has established a panel of real estate professionals to be a voice to government on issues impacting the sector and provide expert advice on improving the conduct of agents and the experience of consumers,” a Press release proudly boasted last week.

But notably absent from the panel were representatives of renters or strata residents.  There’s no room for either Tenants NSW or the Owners Corporation Network, presumably on the principle that if you are trying to “improve the conduct of agents and experience of consumers”, the last people you want to hear from are the victims (sorry, I mean customers).

“It’s very disappointing to see the lack of consumer representation on this Panel,” said Karen Stiles, executive officer of the Owners Corporation Network.  “One would think that property owners and residents would bring a crucial voice to the real estate conversation.”

Jimmy Thomson

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