15 FEBRUARY 2021

Construction on the first projects to start under a three-year program to remove combustible cladding from 225 high-risk apartment complexes in NSW will kick off around the middle of the year, the government in that state says.

In an announcement last week, NSW Minister for Better Regulation Kevin Anderson unveiled details of the state’s cladding rectification scheme which was announced in last October’s budget.

Labelled Project Remediate, the three-year program aims to remove combustible cladding from 225 Class 2 buildings (apartments) which have been confirmed by the NSW Cladding Task Force as being clad in high-risk flammable material.

..Owners Corporation Network Executive Officer Karen Stiles welcomed the package but added that the support provided should be extended to owners corporations of other buildings outside the program who are grappling with flammable cladding.

Andrew Heaton

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