3 July 2021

The NSW construction watchdog has major concerns that body corporates are underreporting serious defects in high-rise apartment buildings to government officials charged with cleaning up the construction industry and restoring public confidence.

A survey of more than 500 buildings in NSW built in the past six years found that 36 per cent had serious defects. Of those with defects, just 17 per cent of the buildings had already been reported to the regulator.

The Owners Corporation Network, which represents apartment owners, said not all owners understood the responsibilities that went with their purchase.

“Buildings can be allowed to deteriorate, sometimes to the point of a threat to life safety, because there is no real support for this fast-growing housing choice,” executive officer Karen Stiles said.

“That’s why OCN has been calling for a dedicated strata commissioner, whose sole role is to educate and advocate on behalf of this important but very vulnerable segment of the community.”

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