3 JUNE 2020

The NSW Building Commissioner has warned unscrupulous builders and developers responsible for major defects in apartments that he will not hesitate to use his new powers to bring them to account, after key legislation to clean up the construction industry became law.

Heralding it a “red-letter day”, David Chandler said his immediate focus would be on developers, builders and certifiers “who have form” in turning out shoddy work. “We will be landing really hard on people who have had a historical record of not doing the right thing,” he said.

The passing of the Design and Practitioners Bill in the NSW upper house on Tuesday night will ensure a statutory duty of care applies to all new buildings and those less than 10 years old, allowing owners to sue those responsible for defects.

Karen Stiles, the executive officer of the non-profit Owners Corporation Network, said thousands of vulnerable people who bought in good faith but ended up with defective apartment buildings would benefit from the statutory duty of care obligations.

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Matt O’Sullivan