21 APRIL 2020

Builder Paul Rice is accustomed to constructing new houses and restoring old ones. But while some of his bigger projects have dried up due to the coronavirus crisis, demand for small jobs and maintenance – such as repairing dodgy door hinges – from homeowners in isolation has gone through the roof. “I’ve had a lot of people coming to me wanting to fix all the stuff that’s been broken in their house for years,” said Mr Rice.

“There’s a lot of home grooming going on.” Owners Corporation Network executive officer Karen Stiles said some unit residents, particularly those working from home, worried the renovation boom meant more construction noise and tradespeople in their buildings.

Ms Stiles said one example of conflict over apartment renovations was contained in a letter from a worried resident whose neighbour was renovating the kitchen, bathroom and tiled floor for the next month. “I am concerned about the noise, and any risks associated with having tradesmen around at this time,” the woman’s letter read. “There will be nowhere to ‘escape’ for a reprieve from the noise.”

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Megan Gorrey