8 MAY 2020

New data has offered a snapshot of life in lockdown revealing what isolating Sydneysiders are doing behind closed doors.

In a little over six weeks, as public health orders and restrictions have taken hold, the habits of Sydneysiders have become largely unrecognisable.

Everyday activities like going to the gym, movies, after-work drinks and the footy have all disappeared. And exclusive data can reveal those pastimes have given way to many new and surprising alternatives.

Owners Corporation Network executive officer Karen Stiles says nifty new connected communities are sprouting up across Sydney.

“A whole street of buildings in Chatswood has set up a group online to share information, check-in with and help each other by doing things like sharing medicine if people are unable to get to the chemist,” Stiles says. “We’re all getting to know each other instead of hiding in apartments. People are starting to build camaraderie around common areas and getting to know each other on a different level to support each other.”

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Nigel Gladstone