1 JUNE 2020

The NSW building commissioner is set to gain strong powers to stop builders from forcing off-the-plan sales of apartments with defects after Labor signalled it would support a proposed shake-up of the construction industry.

After abandoning attempts late last year to pass key legislation, the Berejiklian government will reintroduce an amended bill to the upper house on Tuesday, and introduce another to the lower house which will, if passed, bolster the enforcement powers of building commissioner David Chandler.

Labor and the Greens have indicated they will not stop both pieces of legislation, which will open the way for the commissioner’s powers to come into force in September.

Karen Stiles, the executive officer of the non-profit Owners Corporation Network, said the shake-up of the industry will “provide a duty of care to apartment purchasers” and will assist thousands of people who are suffering with the defects. “Justice delayed is justice denied,” she said.

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Matt O’Sullivan