12 MARCH 2019

Residents at high risk from potentially deadly flammable cladding are being denied information about what they should do to make their buildings safe, consumer advocates claim. Instead, say apartment residents, they are being threatened with huge fines for doing nothing, while owners in some blocks have been told it could cost more than $50,000 per unit to fix the problem. “This decision is bewildering,” says Phil Gall, the chair of the OCN which is running the seminar. “Fair Trading hasn’t sent them a guide sheet on the processes and types of services they need, nor invited them to meet others in the same situation. “We’re running this seminar to help owners navigate a way through an extremely difficult process, give them information and provide a forum to ask the experts questions. The government’s refusal to pass on details to the affected owners, and their secrecy, would be understandable if they were offering them help – but they’re not!”

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Sue Williams