10 JULY 2019

An inner Sydney apartment building remains abandoned eight months after its occupants were evacuated over water and fire safety defects, in revelations expected to deliver a fresh blow to confidence in the city’s building standards. The emergence of a third residential unit building with severe defects will intensify pressure on the state government to address concerns about building standards. Cracking forced the evacuation of Sydney Olympic Park’s Opal Tower on Christmas Eve and the Mascot Towers on Bourke Street last month.

Less than a month ago, the minister responsible for the building industry, Kevin Anderson, said there was no “great cause for alarm” about building quality with no need to rush into reforms. Owners Corporation Network spokesperson Stephen Goddard said there has been a “conspiracy of silence” around building defects for years due to confidential legal settlements and owners’ fears of damage to property values.

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Carrie Fellner, Laura Chung & Jacob Saulwick