Since COVID-19 first emerged as a serious health and life threat in early 2020, OCN has been on the forefront of calling on the NSW government for strata specific guidance and support.

You can see our letters to the NSW Premier, Health Minister and Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, starting March 2020, under the Policy tab on this website.

OCN also initiated stakeholder roundtables with NSW Fair Trading, to explain the unique needs and transmission threats posed by high density living.

Finally, in July 2021 we managed to speak with NSW Health and the COVID communications team, and have mask wearing mandated on indoor common property.  The comms team also produced strata signage, in a number of languages, as well as a toolkit to assist harried committees and building managers.

On Saturday 17 July the Minister for Health signed the Public Health (COVID-19 Temporary Movement and Gathering Restrictions) Amendment (No 8) Order 2021.   This order prompted significant dialogue over that weekend between OCN and NSW Health, NSW Customer Service and Minister Anderson’s office as we attempted to clarify conflicting advice coming from various government teams.

As of mid August 2021 we have seen renovations and domestic (apartment) cleaners return to our buildings.  And we are still waiting for a guide to what happens if someone in your building is tested positive.

It’s been a stressful time for many, if not all of us, so here we want to share a short video on how to foster Strata Harmony.  And a lovely ‘feel good’ blog with some fabulous ideas for staying healthy and positive.

In September 2021 Jane Hearn, OCN’s spokesperson on Covid-19 wrote an opinion piece: COVID Secrecy could spell disaster for apartment residents. This was published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Read the full article here.

NSW Health Information

If uncertain about what you can do, follow the website for updates:

Chief Health Minister’s letter to Strata Managers 26 August 2021. Download here.
NSW Health requests that you ensure strata rolls are up to date and available to provide to the NSW Health contact tracing team upon request. Please ensure the strata roll includes the name, address, contact phone number and email address of all owners and tenants. We also ask that you ensure residents have contact details for their strata managing agent or owners corporation to provide NSW Health on request.

In the event of a positive COVID-19 case in a residential apartment building, NSW Health may also ask you to distribute information to the residents and place signage in the common property area.

Face Masks
It is mandatory to wear masks in all indoor common areas including lifts, car parks, corridors, garbage rooms and hallways. Residents must have a mask with them at all times while outside. Residents must wear a mask outside if they cannot properly socially distance.

What happens if someone becomes Covid-19 positive?
If a person is diagnosed with Covid-19 a medical practitioner will require him/her to isolate and their living arrangements will be assessed. Anyone who is close contact must also isolate. The health team or contact tracers may want the contact details of all residents. An up-to-date strata roll will make their work faster.

Please ensure tenants are included in communications. If you have any concerns about exposure to a positive case or how isolation is being managed you can call NSW Health, or your area health team.

NSW Health Strata Resources

NSW Health communication team has produced education resources for schemes, to help Building Managers, Strata Managers and Strata Committees promote COVID Safe behaviour. 

Click here to download strata resources – Powerpoint file

Mask Mandate Posters to download

For schemes in Greater Sydney:
Poster – Mask In Common Areas – GS (pdf)

For schemes in rural or regional NSW:
Poster Mask In Common Areas (pdf)

Website Resources

The NSW Government website has been updated to reflect these changes:

The existing hygiene posters for residential buildings have been updated. You can find them here:

Residential Hygiene Advice:
Hygiene advice for people living in residential buildings (pdf)

Cleaning surfaces at home to help stop the spread:
Cleaning surfaces at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19 (pdf)

** Please remember that some people cannot wear a mask. The Order allows for this including for anyone who has a disability or breathing condition. Just because a resident is not wearing a mask does not mean they are breaching the public health order.

Please remember that many frontline workers; doctors, nurses and other essential workers live in apartments and we owe it to them and to all our neighbours to keep them safe.

Fact Sheet


Download Communications Toolkit – Powerpoint File (5Mb)

Guides and Alerts from OCN Partners

Download Feel Good Guide from CPR Facades (pdf)
View Premier Painting safe practice promotion


Useful Posters shared by a kind strata owner.

Download Stay Safe in Lift Poster A5
Download Stay Safe in Lift Poster A4
Download Wash Hands Poster
Download Lift Buttons Poster

FOR QR CODE POSTERS: Buildings to register with NSW Health to receive links for downloadable posters in many languages. Suggestion is to select Hotel and Accommodation category.