5 May 2020

A NSW Upper House committee has slammed the NSW State government over alleged failures in three key areas all of which are directly related to apartment living. The government is accused of failing to properly address issues with flammable cladding, dragging its feet on legislation required to give Building Commissioner David Chandler the powers he needs to clean up the building industry, and leaving apartment owners in sub-standard buildings in the lurch. The Legislative Council Public Accountability Committee’s final report into the Regulation of Building Standards, Building Quality and Building Disputes was issued last week to almost zero media attention. And the report warns that lack of action on certification and defects, combined with a push by government to allow the accelerated approvals of apartment blocks for low-cost housing, could be a recipe for disaster. “The safety and integrity of the New South Wales building and construction industry has never been more important,” writes  committee chair David Shoebridge. “With all levels of government looking to deliver a sustained increase in construction activity during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is essential that the Parliament acts now to deliver critical and long-delayed reforms.” The Greens MLC goes on to say the report “highlights the systemic issues plaguing the building and construction industry and the lack of regulation and oversight by the NSW Government.”
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Jimmy Thomson