10 JUNE 2019

Disgruntled ratepayers are amassing a war chest in order to fight future rises, saying changes to the way the charge was calculated in this year’s budget do not fix the underlying flaw in the system. Separate rating factors will be introduced for houses and units for the first time, to help smooth out some of the huge rates increases seen by unit owners in the past two years. But Owners Corporation Network president Gary Petherbridge said the changes failed to fix the underlying problem afflicting units in large complexes. “Those getting massive increases in apartments in large complexes are immediately in the highest bracket – that hasn’t changed,” Mr Petherbridge said.  The organisations are so unhappy about the changes they are “pooling resources” with an eye to next year’s territory election, he said. “We’re not pushing one particular party, or one particular result. This would not necessarily benefit the Liberals,” Mr Petherbridge said.

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Katie Burgess