18 JULY 2019

The Federal Government says it has brokered an agreement with the states and territories to create a “nationally consistent approach” to reforming the building industry. Speaking during an emergency meeting of state building ministers and industry stakeholders in Sydney today, national Industry Minister Karen Andrews said all parties had “brokered an agreement” to centralise the response to a wave of problems across the country.

The nationally consistent approach centres on the recommendations of the Shergold-Weir report on industry regulation and reform, released in April 2018. Stephen Goddard from the Owners Corporation Network, which represents people living under strata title in New South Wales, said all branches of government had a responsibility to assist stranded apartment owners.

“The real losers are those Australians who are trying to purchase some slice of the Australian dream, a home of their own,” he said. “How can they possibly deal with a first home purchase that turns into a potential bankruptcy as the only way of getting out of not the Australian dream, but the Australian nightmare?”

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Julia Holman & Nick Sas