04 JUNE 2019

It’s been one year since the NSW government announced it would regulate Airbnb but the state is still without firm rules on short-term letting. In the meantime, it has left Anne Sullivan dealing with apartments in her Strathfield complex that are regularly let through Airbnb and used as party houses. “We’ve had people urinating off balconies, throwing beer bottles off the balcony,” Ms Sullivan said. “We’ve called the police, but I’ve never seen them come. It’s not a priority on the scale of things, and I can understand that. The strata companies have no teeth; they have no authority to do something about it [either].” Owners Corporation Network chief executive (sic) Karen Stiles said: “Every building should have the democratic right to decide whether to permit short term letting. A ‘one size fits all’ state-wide policy simply will not work where you are dealing with people’s homes and unique local communities.” Councils have called for a compulsory registration system for short term-term rental properties to bring Sydney in line with popular tourist destinations like London, Paris and Amsterdam.  But Domain understands the draft code of conduct does not include registration.

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Tawar Razaghi