Towards a Better Residential Strata Future


At the March 2023 State election, the Owners Corporation Network of Australia (OCN) advocated 10 key changes for a Better Residential Strata future – one where Climate ready, Resilient and Empowered communities live in Defect-free buildings.

Seven months into their term, what progress has the NSW Labor government made?

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OCN asked key politicians and candidates to commit to a Better Residential Strata Future.

We raised ten key issues that face the strata sector and recommend actions towards a future with climate ready, resilient and empowered communities living in defect-free buildings.

Our Key Issues and Priorities for Government – 10 POINT PLAN

  1. Appoint a Senior Minister
  2. Ensure dedicated and specialist government resources
  3. Educate all strata stakeholders
  4. Empower consumer representation and the provision of data and insights
  5. Plan for Net Zero emissions
  6. Accelerate the electrification of strata buildings and adoption of Electric Vehicles
  7. Ensure emergency preparedness
  8. Update legislation to protect consumers
  9. Ensure all new buildings are defect free
  10. Resolve all major defects in existing building

Fast Facts

  • The Owners Corporation Network of Australia is the peak independent consumer body representing the interests of owners and occupiers of residential strata, community title and company title schemes.
  • More than 1 in 5 people across NSW live in strata and community titled properties. By 2040 50% of Australians will be living in strata.
  • 84,000 strata schemes in NSW valued at more than $404bn employing nearly 3,000 people.
  • 97% of strata schemes have less than 50 units. 3% of schemes house 36% of strata residents in large complex buildings – a diverse sector
  • Strata living demands a distinct approach from government.

NSW ELECTION 2023 OCN UPDATE (FEB 10) – Key Issues and Priorities for a Better Residential Strata Future (8:06)

PODCAST – OCN & The NSW State Election. Our Chance to Secure a Better Strata Future. Hosted by Your Strata Property (32:43)