16 JUNE 2019

Stephen Goddard, spokesman for the Owners Corporation Network — an advocacy group for owners in strata schemes — said owners of apartments in the decade-old Mascot Towers development were no longer covered by the statutory warranty period and would now be left with a hefty bill. “Consumers have nowhere to go in these sorts of situations, there’s nobody for them to sue, there’s nowhere for them to turn,” Mr Goddard said.

The NSW Premier has “… conceded more needed to be done to protect consumers, given the large number of people living in strata developments.”  “We’re doing everything we can to support all residents in these circumstances and more importantly trying to get on the front foot to ensure that these type of situations don’t arise in the future,” she said.

Yet NSW strata owners have seen no action on the Lambert Review recommendations released in October 2015 nor the government’s promised response of September 2016.  Then there’s the Shergold Weir Report of 2018, which the government said in early 2019 it would implement.  Post election, the new Minister for Better Regulation & Innovation, The Hon Kevin Anderson, has yet to commit to a timeline.

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Belinda Kontominas & Antonette Collins