25 May 2020

Owners of Sydney’s troubled Mascot Towers have voted to take legal action against the developer of a neighbouring apartment building.

The 132-unit residential block was evacuated in June 2019 after cracks were found in the primary support structure and facade masonry. At an extraordinary general meeting held last week, a clear majority of Mascot Towers owners voted to begin legal proceedings against Aland, the developer of the Peak Towers building next door.

Research is also under way for a collective sale after a majority vote to review the option of selling the complex.

“In June 2019, significant cracking was seen throughout the slab and structural beams at Mascot Towers following the excavation work next door as Peak Towers was being built,” the owners corporation said in a statement on Monday. “That is not a coincidence. The soil that supported Mascot Towers was removed by those constructing the Peak Towers basement, meaning that the Mascot Towers building loads could no longer be fully supported.”

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Heather McNab