13 JULY 2022

Apartment owners claim they’re under siege from telcos determined to install broadband services in their buildings – whether residents want them or not.  And they say they’re being forced to hire lawyers to try to stop them and protect their common property from potential damage caused by subcontractors when companies bully their way in.

“This shouldn’t be allowed,” said Karen Stiles, executive officer of the apartment owners’ peak body, the Owners Corporation Network (OCN). “Apartment residents should be able to decide who comes into their own buildings. It’s about time the federal government addressed this anomaly and put in place some consumer protection.

“There have been horror stories from some apartment buildings where telecommunications companies have bullied their way in via this federal law and so much damage has been done. We have one building in Ashfield which is just about to install a new roof membrane, but a company is insisting it has the right to come in, and they’re terrified the membrane will be damaged and it’ll cost them so much money.”

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