13 FEBRUARY 2023

Owners Corporation Network Executive Officer Karen Stiles welcomed the announcement of the new panel, but said Mascot Tower owners had been let down by all levels of government for many years.

“As the peak body representing apartment owners, the Owners Corporation Network welcomes Minister Dominello’s announcement that an expert panel led by David Chandler OAM will assess the best way forward with Mascot Towers,” Stiles said.

“It’s not before time.

“These owners were let down by all levels of government. They should never have been put into the situation of having to carry out a complex building remediation without expert help.

“Having been let down by the system they were then coldly abandoned to their fate for almost four years. I can’t begin to imagine the incalculable distress this has caused.

“Government talks of its rental assistance largesse. There’s no mention of it only being for resident owners, leaving investors out in the cold. Or the fact that the rental assistance must be paid back.

“If the NSW government can assist owners in buildings with flammable cladding – who were also let down by regulatory failure – they can assist the owners of Mascot Towers.”

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