20 MAY 2019

Everyone’s talking about water again this week. Sydney Water has announced level one restrictions, high-security water pricing in the Murray region has reached around $175,000 for an Olympic swimming pool’s worth of the stuff and some towns in Barnaby Joyce’s New England electorate face the very real prospect of running out in the coming months. But these issues are literally a drop in the harbour compared to the big picture of how climate change, poor planning, increasing densification, market distortions and other factors are sending supplies of Adam’s ale dangerously low. “As we face water shortages across the state, businesses and individuals must be accountable for their water usage,” Karen Stiles, executive officer of the Owners Corporation Network told The Fifth Estate. “The simplest way to do this is a user pays system. The Owners Corporation Network supports individual water meters in apartment buildings, including older single meter buildings where feasible. Because what’s measured can be managed.”

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Willow Aliento