17 October 2021

Stephen Goddard, spokesperson for the Owners Corporation Network, discuss his recent SMH opinion piece about the dangers of building defects in residential strata schemes with Michael McLaren on Overnight with Michael McLaren.

Mr Goddard wrote, ‘For some time now it has been a self-evident truth that new residential strata schemes can be plagued with building defects which are left for a new owners’ corporation to fix.’

‘The defect frequent-flyers used to be water penetration, cladding and failing facades. But the tower at Canterbury is our third multi-storey building acquiring notoriety for its potential threat to life and safety due to structural instability.’

‘Why do these events only occur in new residential strata construction? Failure by government to come to terms with this repetitive problem is treating our construction industry as a protected species while stealing the future of the people convinced to buy apartments off the plan.’

> Listen to the conversation HERE